Do you often find yourself procrastinating or pushing off your prospecting activities? Well, here’s a simple SALES-HACK that might just get you craving those calls…and dropping a few pounds too!

One of the most important activities for any salesperson is PROSPECTING! If not done on a consistent basic or put off for too long of a period of time…the pipeline of opportunities goes COMPLETELY DRY!

Years ago, I found myself consistently pushing off my prospecting and knew that I had to desperately change this habit because my sales numbers were suffering. I was reading Brian Tracy’s newly released book “Eat That Frog” (which was about doing the difficult daunting task first…like Prospecting!) and decided to put a little extra spin on the game!

I had made a decision that I would begin each day with a commitment on my prospecting goals, and not eat anything until that goal was met. NO BREAKFAST! NO WAFFLES! NO EGGS!…NOTHING! Okay, I bent the rules just a bit…I could have straight black coffee (no sugar), water, or a multi-vitamin…but ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD until I completed my prospecting!

If my goal was to make 20 calls, I made sure to complete at least 20 (or a few more) before I would eat anything! Even if it was after 2pm and I was starving, nothing to eat until I completed my goal! On the days that I was out of the office cold calling face to face, I would start as early as possible to complete my number of planned visits before stopping for a lunch break…or dinner 😊 (I also had a very large territory…with some of those days starting at 4:30am with a long drive to my first call, working up until 2pm before my first bite…yikes!)

Today they call it “Intermittent Fasting”…however, for me it was the perfect hack to forcefully discipline myself into a new habit! And I drop a few unwanted pounds too!

EATING IS A BIOLOGICAL HABIT. It’s something we just do. We are conditioned to typically have three meals a day (and perhaps some snacking in between 😊). When we play the game of depriving ourselves from this normal bodily function and urge, until we have satisfactorily completed a desired goal…we build a new level of discipline that becomes ingrained over time. For me, it changed EVERYTHING! My Sales began “Sky Rocketing!” The “NO FOOD” until my prospecting was done, was the kick in the pants that I needed! I had formed a new habit, and my pipeline was FULL AGAIN (and remained full due to my consistent effort of prospecting).

So…are you slacking on your prospecting activity? Do find yourself making excuses or doing other less important tasks? Perhaps it’s time to try the “NO EAT, UNTIL I FINISH MY PROSPECTING” Challenge! Keep it going for at least 21 days (or more)…and you will most certainly find a huge increase in new sales opportunities!

happy selling!


What Will Your 2019 Look Like?

Ron Frost 2019

What will your 2019 look like?  Have you given it a thought?  Will it end up just being a repeat of 2018?  Same job, same habits, same life?…or are you ready to step up and make a big change and begin living the life you were truly meant to live?  For many the New Year’s holiday is a moment when new goals and resolutions are decided, yet traditionally very few are actually followed through with.

According to a 2013 Forbes Magazine article on research conducted by the University of Scranton approximately 40% of all Americans set New Years resolutions, however only 8% of that group actually achieve their desired goals. What wrong with this picture? Should we just not bother even to try…or should we perhaps dig a bit deeper in contemplating what truly would bring more focus, direction and passion into our lives?

Don’t just write down goals…Think deeply and meditate on the bigger life questions!

Instead of setting a ton of goals written down on a scrap piece of paper like a meaningless laundry list that gets misplaced, lost and forgotten…take some quite self-reflective time and ponder over some deeper life questions. Below are several questions that will help bring clarity and purpose to anyone who is seeking to step up to their divine greatness. Spend as much time as needed to deeply ponder over each question. Begin the process in a quite space with no distractions. Take a few deep breaths to relax and center yourself…and use a journal and pen to jot down any insights or inspiring thoughts that come your way.

Here are the key self empowering life questions to contemplate on:

1. What is the divine purpose being called in my life? (too often we get caught up in the details of everyday living that we never ponder over our unique life purpose. By taking some time to quietly meditate on this soul awakening aspect of our deepest life desire we will bring much clarity to our overall direction and from there the details of goals, objectives and planning will begin to fall into place.)

2. What must I abandon, give up or release? (this can be a physical clearing as well as a mental and emotional one too. Just like the freedom and ease that we feel when we declutter our garage or office and throw out (or giveaway) those unwanted, unneeded items…the same is true when we let go of thoughts, negative beliefs, doubts or fears that have been holding ourselves back. Perhaps you need to let go of a task, role or responsibility or delegate it to someone else. When we free up our minds and our time, we also allow room for embracing the new things into our lives. So, what do you need to let go of, give up or release…that will help you move forward?)

3. Who or what must I forgive? (oh well…perhaps no one is immune to this one? If we are alive and living on planet earth, then there’s probably something from our past still lingering in our minds or hearts. Forgiving and letting go will free us up emotionally so we can be more present and productive in our lives as well as being in service to others. Is it time to let go of past hurts, experiences of pain and frustrations, or even negative opinions or judgements?)

4. What new rituals or habits do I need to put into place? (instead of focusing on the destination (the goal), discover the new process within your life that will bring you more fun, prosperity, joy, health and wellbeing. Maybe it’s an eating or exercise ritual?…or perhaps deciding to meditate or journal each day?  Find the habit that will make your life more productive and joyful and you’ll begin to see vast positive changes in your world!)

5. How can I best serve others, my community, or humanity in general using my innate gifts and talents? (our current culture typically approaches this from a different angle…of where can I best make the money I need and then when I’m finally financially free, I’ll begin to do what I want to do and share my innate gift and talents. Yet, when we come from that divine spark within us and step up to our true potential of sharing our unique gift…both we and the world are truly better for it!)

I hope you have discovered some new soul seeking clarity from this simple but amazing process of asking the deeper questions. Wishing you the best of love, light, joy and prosperity in 2019…in making it your BEST YEAR EVER!


– Ronald


  • Ronald Frost is a keynote speaker, life coach and author of a popular self-empowerment and life changing book called “Getting Unstuck”