What people are saying about the "Unlocking Your Greatness" Workshop!

This is a video of several participants who attended a recent Unlocking Your Greatness Seminar in Tampa Florida. Each participant was led through a simple process to help define their niche, purpose and vision, as well as the initial action steps they can take to move forward.

What people are saying about the "Getting Unstuck" Workshop!

This is a video of several participants who attended a recent Getting Unstuck workshop in Fort Myers, Florida.

This workshop is ideal for groups of all sizes. Individuals, business owners, sales people, or anyone with a dream or a goal. Ron uses several key strategies from his book "Getting Unstuck" in a hands-on workshop setting to help individuals create a successful process towards achieving their goals.

Ron Frost Motivational Speaker - Florida

Keynotes and Workshops

Tough Minds For Tough Times - How to Build Stronger In Our Current World Challenges

Opportunity Is Now Here - Prospecting & Selling in the New Normal

If You Want To Grow Your Business, Grow Your People

The Relationship Building Consultative Sales Process

Leveraging LinkedIn as a Sales Tool & Relationship Builder

Habits of Highly Effective Leaders!

Coach Your Sales Team To Success!

Understanding the Multigenerational Workplace and How to Manage Effectively

Visionary Leadership - How You Can Make A Difference

Tools For Empowering Your Team

Getting Un-Stuck & Unlocking Your Greatness

5  Keys to Expansive Sales Growth

10 Keys to Effective Public Speaking

Removing Barriers and Limiting Beliefs

Positive Mindset: How to Program Your Mind for Success


Most Keynotes are from 45 minutes to 60 minutes (although, depending on client needs the time can be adjusted to fit their schedule). Workshops and seminars typically run longer. For a description of presentation content of if you would like to discuss how to align a title with the theme of your conference, please contact Ron directly for more information at 239-265-4380 or email

"Ron Frost's keynote address the 5 powers of exponential sales growth was the highlight of the sales conference. It made me decide recommit to my prospecting and sales goals. Bottom-line I was fired-up to go home and take action!

Jake Anderson

"Superb Message! Delivered with great articulation... Inspiring and very uplifting!"

-Francesca S.

"I walked away with several key goals, a plan of action and a way to keep myself motivated and focused... Thanks Ron!"
-Dan Foley

About Ron


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Known as the positive momentum coach, Ron brings leadership training, team building, sales skills training, communication skills development, personal development, and a lot of fun and energy into the room. Having traveled across four continents serving as a business consultant and a sales trainer and coach he has seen what works and what doesn't, as well as what it takes to achieve consistent peak performance and personal fulfillment. As a speaker, author, and coach, Ron brings these core life-changing principles into his passionate, and energetic teaching. Below are some additional aspects of Ron's bio:

  • Author of  "Getting UnStuck" - 9 keys to creating more prosperity, joy, and fulfillment
  • Founder of "Positive Momentum Coaching"
  • Past Head Coach & Sales Trainer for Alliance Franchise Brands (2011-22)
  • Past Director of Operations, SignExpress Franchise USA Headquarters (1993-97)
  • Coached, Trained, and Consulted over 450 business owners and sales teams
  • Former CEO of SignMart LLC
  • Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Member of Toastmasters International
  • Co-Founder and President of "Southwest Florida Speakers" (2016-2020)
  • Past President of the Cape Coral CSL Leadership Council (2012-2014)
  • Past Area Director - Toastmasters International (2015)
  • Certified DreamBuilder Life Coach
  • Certified Fitness Trainer - AMFPT

Mission Statement: Providing professional development in the areas of training and coaching to motivate individuals to achieve their life and career goals through the application of Positive Momentum Coaching™, resulting in inspired and successful people who in turn are creating positive influence in the world.


Ron Frost Leadership

helping People & Businesses Leaders GET UNSTUCK and Create the SUCCESS they Desire!

Ron is a motivational speaker, author, sales coach, leadership consultant, and master life coach. Known as the “positive momentum coach” he entertains his audiences with energy, laughter, and a key message about non-limit thinking and making a positive impact. Ron’s inspirational stories speak to the heart of basic human values and principles of successful leadership. He will help you discover and tap into your personal drive factors as well as the necessary tools to take immediate inspired action toward your goals! If you're wanting to push your business, sales team, or organization to the next level of achievement Ron can help you get there! Call and book him today for your company, group, or school event: 239-265-4380

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Ron will create a custom keynote address, workshop or training program for your upcoming group event or seminar.

"Ron Frost is the most positive and uplifting person I've ever come across. There's no wonder why they call him the Positive Momentum Coach. His words of inspiration light up the room and he will do the same in your venue. We can't wait to have him back for more! Thanks a million Ron!"


Hector Perez

author of "Why Am I Not Moving Again"

"Ron was one of the most inspiring and uplifting speakers that we have had at our center. What I enjoyed most was that he got the audience involved in the presentation and he gave us all some practical tools that we could implement in our lives and our business."


Mallika Davi


"Ron is very empowering! He had our whole group motivated and we each walked away with our specific goals to take action on. Ron's style is the perfect mix of knowledge, stories and laughter. His book is very inspirational too."


Neil Ellis

CEO - Ellis Marketing

What others are saying about Ron!

Highlights from some of Ron's past presentations

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Motivational Speaker Fort Myers

I deliver a lot more than just Motivation!

I deliver a lot more than just motivation. Whatever your group's needs, goals or challenges are it's important for them to walk away with the right tools and a game plan to take their life or their business to the next level. Because of this I highly recommend a pre-event strategy call so I can clearly understand your group's biggest needs and deliver a meaningful and impactful message. Call me today at 239-265-4380

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Motivational Speaker and Keynote Speaker serving all areas of Florida and also available to travel to other areas within the United States. Workshops both virtual and in-person events. For more information contact us at 239-265-4380 or 


Ron also travels outside the state of Florida for speaking at specific events. Please contact us to find out more about costs for events and conference presentations outside the state of Florida.


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