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There is POWER in Truly Knowing Yourself!  It can free you from negative patterns and help you harness the clarity to truly THRIVE!

Human Design combines astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah, and Vedic philosophy, to guide an individual through his or her own unique profile. Within Human Design there are five distinct energy (aura) types within the population of the world: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. Within each energy (aura) type there are also a number of other unique factors that are special and specific to an individual.

The system of Human Designed was originally developed by Alan Robert Krakower and has been regarded as one of the most complete and accurate profile systems for guiding people to greater clarity and awareness of their true nature and how to live a masterful and self-empowered life!

What Are the Human Design “Strategy Types”?


  • Strategy: To respond
  • Signature: Satisfaction
  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration

Generators make up about 35% of the population and this is the most common strategy type, tied with Manifesting Generators. They are dubbed the “Magnetic Creators” of the world, and others are drawn to their warm and open energy. In order to be a Generator, you must have a defined sacral center in your chart, and others may see you as an endless bout of energy which can be taken advantage of if you are not capable of setting strong boundaries. It is important for this type to be able to say “no” when something is not a full and exciting “yes”. Their “not-self” theme is frustration, meaning that if they are out of alignment, it will show up as a combination of anger and resistance that usually presents itself after enough time of them not using their strategy of waiting to respond or making decisions from a mental place.

Manifesting Generator

  • Strategy: To respond, then inform
  • Signature: Satisfaction
  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration/Anger

Also making up 35% of the population, the counterpart to Generators is the Manifesting Generator. This strategy type is also known as the “multi passionate genius”, meaning that they are not meant to tie up all of their creative energy in one thing, they are meant to be a jack of all trades. They also have a defined sacral center, meaning that they do well to wait to respond, but they can also inform or share their insight with others. They do not do well when they deplete all of their energy responding to the endless river of things that flow their way. Instead, they do best when they start to become selective with who and what they are responding to, and who they choose to inform afterward – especially because this strategy craves freedom, and that includes freedom with their time and energy.


  • Strategy: To wait for the invitation
  • Signature: Success
  • Not-Self Theme: Bitterness

Projectors enjoy going with the flow of life, but they are best suited for leadership roles in life. They are dubbed “the guiding force” amongst the strategies and with only 18% of the population falling under this strategy type, you will find that Generators and Manifesting Generators are naturally drawn to them so they will have something (or someone) to respond to. Projectors, however, will have the choice to accept or deny their invitation then after. Projectors do not have a defined sacral center, so their access to energy is finite, unlike Gen/Manigens. When they are not waiting for the invitation, their not-self theme will lead them into feelings of bitterness. Not to be misunderstood, “waiting for the invitation” is typically one-and-done for their relationships, jobs, and opportunities – once they are in them, they don’t need to wait for additional invitations to self-express.


  • Strategy: To wait for a lunar cycle
  • Signature: Surprise
  • Not-Self Theme: Disappointment

Also known as the “mystical mirrors” of the world, Reflectors only make up 1% of the population as they have no defined channels or circuits, making them completely open to other people’s energy of all kinds. Their strategy is to wait a lunar cycle (about 28.5 days) to make any big life-changing decisions and observe how they are feeling and changing through that period of time before doing anything they may regret, or leads them to their not-self theme of disappointment. They get the exciting chance to sample energy from anyone and anything around them rather than feeling defined or swept up in something unchangeable, like the other strategy types may feel with their defined centers and channels. Their environment is extremely important and it’s best to be in a place or surrounded by people who are similar to the life that they desire for themselves.


  • Strategy: To inform
  • Signature: Peace
  • Not-Self Theme: Anger

Also known as the “bold visionaries” of the bunch, Manifestors have a defined solar plexus connected to their throat. These folks are only about 8% of the population and their whole purpose in this lifetime is to initiate the big changes and blessings that the rest of the world gets to witness and benefit from. It’s important for them to inform others of the actions that they will be taking in order to get others on board, or else they will fall into their not-self theme of anger. Because of how powerful they are, others will feel drawn to controlling them. They do what they want, and that inspires others, but they need to be able to set strong boundaries around the endless amount of moths that will be drawn to their vibrant flame.