Helping Franchisors and their Franchisees Build a Successful Sales Program!


Today more than ever business growth is crucial to a franchisee’s success! As the former Head Coach and Sales Trainer for Alliance Franchise Brands, I’ve taught a number of seminars and workshops that help franchise members increase their sales.  Below are several key benefits as well as a list of my most common seminar or keynote programs.

Key benefits:

  • Increased sales growth for existing franchisees
  • Greater success with the launching of new locations with quicker business development
  • Lower risk of any franchise location failing or closing due to lack of business opportunities
  • Simple sales skills & techniques that complement existing marketing efforts
  • A Win/Win benefit for both Franchisor and Franchisee

Seminar/Workshop/Keynote Programs:

"Habits of the Successful Salesperson"

"Strategic Networking and Getting Referrals"

"Solution Based Selling"

"Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Tour Connections & Sales"

"Hiring, Onboarding, & Coaching the Successful Sales Reps"

"Habits of Highly Successful Leaders"

"Mastering Time Management for Optimal Success!"

Most programs are 60 mins but can be modified to fit a different time format. My teaching style is motivational with humor, stories, key learning points, and a bit of audience interactivity with specific quick breakout sessions. "Habits of the Successful Salesperson" and "Unlocking Your Greatness!" are also available as keynote messages. If you'd like a full description and key benefits for any of the above program topics please contact me at 239-265-4380.

*Many of the above programs can also be presented virtually.

Ron Frost Franchise Speaker
Ron Frost Franchise Sales Trainer

Why Coaching Is More Effective Than Managing!

This program is for Regional Directors, Franchise Business Consultants, District Managers, or any other primary support role that visits or works closely with their Franchisees. Learning the skill of Effective Coaching will greatly help in increased rapport, improved compliance, and overall success for both the franchisee and the franchisor!  Contact me to discuss how I can help your team build successful leadership and coaching skills.

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Let's Chat!  I would love to learn about your audience's needs and any other specific expectations. I can be reached at 239-265-4380 or you can email me at