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Ron Frost is a motivational speaker, author, sales coach, leadership consultant, and master life coach. Known as the “positive momentum coach” he entertains his audiences with energy, laughter, and a key message about non-limit thinking and making a positive impact. Ron’s inspirational stories speak to the heart of basic human values and principles of successful leadership. He will help you discover and tap into your personal drive factors as well as the necessary tools to take immediate inspired action toward your goals! If you’re wanting to push your business, sales team, or organization to the next level of achievement Ron can help you get there! Call and book him today for your company, group, or school event: 239-265-4380 or email:

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Ron speaks to businesses, government organizations, schools, non-profits, associations, church communities, and networking groups in the Sarasota area as well as other cities in Florida.

The One and Only

Ernest Holmes author of The Science of Mind calls in the “Thing Itself” however other common names are Spirit, The Infinite, The One Mind, Source Creator, or God. Modern Science speaks of it as the Unified Field to which all things are apart of (and all are therefore connected. In the ancient teachings of Hermeticism it is referred to as the 1st of seven principles that All is One Mind and it creates all things out of itself.

Our ability to know, understand, and conceptualize this may be a bit challenging because many of us grew up within different belief systems and different teachings. However, the more we align with unity consciousness the great we can bring peace and harmony to the planet. And by knowing there is ONE Thing (one existence) we must also know that we are one with it and truly empowered by it.

Ron Frost the author of “Getting Unstuck, the 9 keys to creating more prosperity, fulfillment and joy in life” will be speaking on this topic “The One and Only” at the Center for Spiritual Living in Cape Coral, Florida on July 31st 2022.

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You Have The POWER to Create WORLD PEACE!

Scientific research shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that certain types of specialist meditators, when grouped together in one place, radiate an influence of

peace and tranquility to the surrounding population.

When this happens open warfare and fighting stops within a day, terrorism evaporatescrime trends decline, domestic and international harmony improves.

The effect is spontaneous, immediate and systematic. Furthermore, it does not rely on any form of social, political or diplomatic interaction between the meditating group and the effected community. The influence is created by just a small group of these meditators equivalent to a tiny fraction of the number in the rest of the population.

This powerful and invisible effect has been documented dozens of times in fifty research studies (Watch video) and is now known as the Super Radiance effect.

to read more be visit this

Are you looking for a motivational speaker and a message to uplift your community, team or group! Ron Frost is the author of “Getting Unstuck – 9 keys to creating more prosperity, fulfillment and joy in life!” and he is the founder of “Positive Momentum Coaching.” Ron teaches Leadership Principles, the Power of Self Awareness, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Sales Success through Impeccable Service, and Mastering Public Speaking!

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With all the craziness of our current reality, it seems difficult to imagine a better future, yet the power lies within each of us to create this change!

This Sunday July 17th, I will be presenting on this topic at the CSL in Cape Coral, Florida. We will also be live steaming at this link:

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